T-shirt ‘Superman’



T-shirt κοντομάνικο \’Superman\’
T-shirt κοντομάνικο \'Superman\'T-shirt κοντομάνικο \'Superman\'T-shirt κοντομάνικο \'Superman\'T-shirt κοντομάνικο \'Superman\'

Κλικ για μεγέθυνση

Creating babycarrots, with screen printing PVC free 100% cotton T-shirt Fruit of the Loom in loose line. The film clapper in fantastic design and bright red creates on the blue blouse a beautiful and very stylish color combination! So special but also ideal for everyday use in school, walk everywhere!

Made in Greece.

Καθαρισμός επιλογής
Συνέχεια Αγορών


For proper sizing, consult the following assignment:

  • 2yrs: waist 45,7-47ek. / Skirt height 25.4 cm.
  • 3yrs: waist 48.3 / 27.9 cm height skirt.
  • 4yrs: waist circumference of 50.8 cm. / Height skirt 30.5 million.
  • 5yrs: waist circumference 53.3 cm. / Height skirt 33 cm.