T-shirt ‘Paul Frank’


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T-shirt κοντομάνικο \\’Paul Frank\\’
T-shirt κοντομάνικο \\'Paul Frank\\'T-shirt κοντομάνικο \\'Paul Frank\\'

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The Fabric Flavours, gray pink tones with favorite emoticon applique of Julius, the maimouditsas! Cheerful and playful, lovers of Paul Frank, will love this shirt!

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For proper sizing, consult the following assignment:

  • 2yrs: waist 45,7-47ek. / Skirt height 25.4 cm.
  • 3yrs: waist 48.3 / 27.9 cm height skirt.
  • 4yrs: waist circumference of 50.8 cm. / Height skirt 30.5 million.
  • 5yrs: waist circumference 53.3 cm. / Height skirt 33 cm.